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1. What colors do you like?
Prefer any specific color for your web site design?
Check the web color chart here.

I will send the numbers of web colors that I like such as ( #CC99CC )
I like the website colors match my ( photo, business card, logo, banner, etc.) * Please send the file via email.

2. What web page layout do you prefer?

If you are not sure of the web page elements take a look at this image for descriptions.

If this is a WordPress blog website please read this article for more information

I like page centered layout

I like Right side column layout

I like Left side column layout

I want something different * Please describe

3. Will you supply any photo or graphic image for your header for your website?

Yes, I will send my image

I need stock header image

I need custom header image

4. What font do you prefer for your website?

I have no specific request

I like to use this font * Please tell me a font name.

I will send my font file (.ttf) * Please send the file.

5. What type of CSS template do prefer for your website?
Prefer any specific web site layout?
Check the web CSS Layout here.

I have no specific request

I like to use this CSS * Please tell me a CSS layout. (Left side column layout ,Page center layout, Right side column layout)

Detailed Web Design Description

Please describe overall design preferences.


Please do not forget to supply these information:
Navigation button names (Link names such as: About us, Services, Gallery, Products, Contact, etc.)
Sample Sites (2 to 3 sample website name)
To use a specific font on your print material ( business card, flyer, brochure etc. ) you need to supply the font
Be aware usage of fonts are limited on the web try to choose a common font for your website
Please read more information about usage of web fonts here
If you are not familiar with web elements; technical terms, please read more information.

You may read for more info about website design process here.

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