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Please print the questions send me after putting a check mark, as an attachment to your email, or if you like to fill the form online click here


1. What type of web design do you need?

New Web Design
Redesign Existing Website
Update Existing Website

2. Number of Static Pages for your Website Design Project
Static pages are considered to be web pages that need to be edited individually. If you are looking for users to be able to interact with your site or would like to have a database driven website, please select the last option.

One page 'business card' type website
2-4 Web Pages - Portfolio type personal website
5-9 Web Pages - Starter Brochure type website
10-14 Web Pages - Business website
15-30 Web Pages - Commercial website (usually sell products or service)
3. What is your budget for a website?
If you are seeking a more complex website, the pricing will be higher

$100 - $250
$300 - $350
$400 - $500
$750 - $1000
$1500 - more

4. When would you like the web design project to start?

In one week
In 3 weeks

5. Do you need website hosting?

No, I have hosting
Yes, I need a new hosting area

6. Do you want animation on the website?

I don't want animation
Only flash photo gallery
An animated introduction page

7. Do you need paypal button on the site?

I don't need paypal button
Only flash photo gallery
An animated introduction page

8. Do you want social network buttons? Such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google +

Yes, I want
No, I do not want

9. Will you supply texts, content articles, other files?

Yes, I will send it via email.
I need help for my content writing

10. Do you prefer any specific color for your web site design? Check the web color chart here.

I will send the numbers of web colors that I like such as ( #CC99CC )
I like the website colors match my ( photo, business card, logo, banner, etc.) * Please send the file.

11. What web page layout do you prefer?

I like page centered layout

I like Right side column layout

I like Left side column layout

I want something different * Please describe

12. Do you need on going maintenance? Such as update photos or some page content regularly.

Yes, I want php blog style web site, so I can do it myself

I like Right side column layout

I only need to change one or two pages ( such as product page or photo gallery )

I know HTML, I can do it myself

I do not need it

13. Will you supply photos, graphic images for website?

Yes, I will send my product or service photos

I need stock images

I need custom graphics as well as images

14. Do you need video on the website? Tutorial or introduction videos, YouTube videos

I have my own youtube video, * Please give the link

I need a custom video project for my website

15. Do you need any of these features or interactivity on the site?
Please be aware that more selected features will increase your project cost.

Adding link exchange page
Events calendar
Flash Effects on photos or banner style ads
File uploading or downloading area
Feedback form
Tell-A-Friend form
RSS Feed
News/Article Posting
Site Search
Password protected areas
iPhone enable ( mobile site ) or iPad website

Detailed Web Design Project Description

Please describe, in great detail, how website will be used. Also, please list the overall function of your organization,
example: the products that you sell, the services you provide. This will help customize your website to your business.

Please do not forget to supply these information:
Navigation button names (Link names such as: About us, Services, Gallery, Products, Contact, etc.)
Sample Sites (2 to 3 sample website name)
Color preferences and page layout
Logo or banner (if you have a logo or banner you like to see on the website)
Slogan or your tagline of your business or your motto
If you are not familiar with web elements; technical terms, please read glossary here.

You may read for more info about website design process here.

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